Aaron Meliza is an award-winning photographer currently residing in Seattle, WA. Inspired by the work of James Nachtwey, Josef Scaylea, Bruce Gilden, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, Aaron seeks to make images that present an unbiased representation of people, their stories, and the elements that define them.

While capable of a wide range of photographic genres, Aaron has a special interest in sports, news, and documentary photography. In early 2016, he was selected by owner Gary Baum to become a contributing photographer for the world-renowned paintball imaging service. As of this writing, he has covered professional paintball tournaments in Las Vegas, NV, Dallas, TX, Nashville, TN, and Cleveland, OH.

Aaron is pursuing a BA in photojournalism, while seeking full-time employment with a reputable media outlet.

For inquiries, call (206) 992-5981, or e-mail at